Tips on selecting dresses for women

How to choose a dress for woman properly and not make the wrong style statement? This question keeps on worrying beautiful ladies ! Choosing a woman’s dress depends on the figure lady on her taste and preferences. Correctly chosen dress will make its possessor irresistible queen of the evening, or on the contrary plunged into ridicule and discourage any desire to this attribute of the female wardrobe. So, if you would not like to fall in the latter category then read this informational article by Northern Reflections Clothing and get some styling tips that will make you steel the evening with your dressing sense and style statement!

The choice of dresses, being it womens fleece or otherwise anything else, would depend on her facial features. Dresses are divided into daily, evening and cocktail type. Before heading to the store, you need to decide what the occasion will be timed purchase. From the categories it is clear evening dress evening matches and must hit the imagination of their shapes and colours. Daytime dress is used every day and is the ideal choice for the job. Cocktail dress is given a separate role, it is intended for special occasions, it should be quiet, but at the same time refined and elegant.

Now let us look at how to choose a dress. The right choice of dress is largely dependent on the figures, which are divided into character types, and each type has its own cut and style. These tricks are designed to hide the negative sides and put the emphasis where it is needed. Given the nature of his body, and choosing the right style, you will be irresistible and will attract more than one admiring glances. Now the next questions is how to choose a woman’s dress, designed for the evening, or good-bye event? In these events, it is not enough to determine the style, you must choose the material and colour. Fabric dress depends on the time of year, spring and summer dresses are light and airy, and autumn-winter dresses are made up of from denser materials. When you select a case sensitive dress, you should dress according to the time of year.

It is not easy to pick a beautiful full dress for women . Deep dark colours dress with a skirt in the crease of medium length would be suitable in this case. In every girl and woman is a kind of “highlight”, which should be emphasized in order that she could always feel like a queen. The most difficult task – a selection of women’s evening dress, women give the choice of a lot of time. This takes into account the quality of the fabric, cut, style and most importantly, perfect your figure. Taken into account the complexity of the make-up and hairstyles, if the dress is elegant style, the hair, the crowning your head should be elegant and simple, and vice versa. Oversupply and incontinency in dresses will turn you into a magpie.

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Dressing Taller: 10 Tips for Short Men

haineShort men have always had a tougher row to hoe than their taller fellows. It can be frustrating to be picked last for the pick-up basketball game, to feel like you’re overlooked when walking into a party, and to struggle to see your favorite band at a concert.

And then there are those studies that say that tall men are perceived as more powerful and better leaders, are more desirable to women, and make more money (almost $1,000 more for every inch of height).

But short men shouldn’t despair. The news isn’t all bad.

First, while height may give men a leg up in the race for success (US presidents have been on average 4 inches taller than the general male population), there are always exceptions to the rule. Andrew Carnegie (5’0”)! Martin Luther King Jr. (5’7”)! Harry Houdini (5’5”)! TE Lawrence (5’6”)! Robert Reich (4’10’)! And have you seen Dennis Kucinich’s wife?

And second, while there isn’t much you can do, short of gruesomely lengthening your bones, to physically increase your height, there are ways to appear taller. Key in this is the way you dress and present yourself, and today we’ll share ten tips on how you can use style to enhance your stature, and perhaps more importantly, your confidence.

The Guiding Rule – Always Streamline Your Look

Looking taller is all about getting viewers’ eyes to travel smoothly up your body. It’s pure illusion: the more their eyes have to sweep upward, the taller their brains will register whatever they’re looking at as being.

That means that a shorter man wants to ease and encourage the viewer’s eyes upward towards his face. Visual clutter–such as eye-grabbing stuff on the body–breaks up the impression of height. That means staying away from obvious accessories like big, chunky watches, but it also means keeping an eye out for things as simple as the pockets on your suits and shirts. Something as simple as a pocket flap instead of an unadorned slit pocket can clutter up your appearance and lessen the impression of height.

10 Tips on Dressing Taller

FYI – I put these ten tips in orders of practicality and cost. I realize some of these are beyond some men’s resources or not options worth considering–but I lay them out there so that you can make that decision yourself.

1. Monochromatic Color Themes

Along the same lines as minimizing visual clutter, removing contrasting color from your appearance helps streamline the way you look. Keeping all your clothes within a fairly consistent color theme, especially a dark one, will create an illusion of height. Different color shades are fine–just try to keep it loosely monochrome.

When you do wear different colors or different shades of the same color, try to weight the darker colors toward the bottom half of your body. That way people’s attention starts down near your feet and travels upward. Dark trousers with a lighter shirt create a lengthening effect; a darker shirt with lighter pants shortens your appearance.

2. Wear Vertically-Oriented Patterns

Most people have heard that vertical stripes are “slimming” and horizontal stripes are “widening.” That’s just a simplification of the same visual effect we’ve already been talking about: where people’s eyes go when they look at you. Patterns that run horizontally make you seem wider because the eye wants to follow them naturally out to the sides of your body.

Unbroken vertical stripes are one of the best ways to add an impression of height without seeming to try for it. Dress shirts that increase the perception of height ideally have striping that is narrow enough to not create broad empty spaces of monochrome but wide enough to be visible at a glance. The equal-width alternation of white and colored stripes–often called candystriping–is a good choice.

Textured cloth with a visible up-and-down pattern has the same effect as any other vertical striping, so corduroy or very narrow herringbone weaves are also worth working into the wardrobe. Other than those very definitively vertical textures, however, stick to smoother fabrics where possible — rough textures add the visual clutter you want to avoid.